Reparative Shampoo 75ml:

A deeply reparative shampoo which, when used with the new Reconstruction range, repairs badly damaged and weakened hair by strengthening and rebuilding hair fibre. Newly formulated to give even more moisture to the hair and now also protects your coloured hair with it’s colour fix formula.

Reparative Mask 50ml:

A reparative mask which restructures and strengthens your hair. The new formula adds more moisture and leaves hair visibly softer and silkier than ever before.

Cristalli Liquid 15ml:

ALFAPARF Milano Semi di Lino Sublime Cristalli Liquidi brightens every hair type. Linseed extract and Vitamin E anti-oxidant seal the hair cuticle making your hair softer, shinier and even more manageable.

Ideal for use with hair straighteners to make hair smoother, silkier and easier to glide through the plates.